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Re: WASL rumor

In a message dated 2/19/02 1:45:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, erwin@MORTON.NET

> Is it asserted that Research (with a capital R) Proves
> (or perhaps that 9 out of 10 mathematicians agree?)
> that the most important ingredient in math is
> phonemic awareness?

uh, yeah! We want our kids to think on a higher level for the 21st century,

The GAL (hate that term, so it suits her perfectly) that I was "debating"
last week kept saying, "The WASL does test basics!" when I was saying that
the 4th grade WASL tests upper level thinking skills, so our kids are missing
the basics and staring at the test and crying. Actually, I think the basic
computation section did increase, whereas the merrykrayletchteaurnow
questions decreased for 4th grade last year.

Row, row, row your math; never master a thing.... throw your teacher to the
wolves because your WASLs (scores) stink.

Okay it's not so poetic, but the syllable count is right-- almost.

The mall was teaming with out-for-mid-winter-break youth today-- such a wise