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Re: Just a question

Great questions Karen.

when you get those answers please let me know k?

hey -- is it true what i hear that most of the country will be on
anti-depressants within the next five years? and the mental health
profession is where the money is? shall we buy stock in pharmaceuticals
now....and sell within three years? by then everyone might wake up...unless
of course they are successful in keeping everyone medicated... you know the
legal drug use that the adults model so well for these children. the drug
use that doesn't have that link to terrorism <eyes rolling> only the direct
assault on the american people... nah...that doesn't count - i forgot.
we're just supposed to fly our flag proudly on our car antennas and wear our
flag t-shirts and are considered terrorists if we speak out against our

totally perplexed......

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Subject: Just a question

> Hi,
> I was reading through the latest Time magazine when I came across an ad
> the Office of National Drug Policy Partnership for a Drug-Free
> America...whose punch line is Parents: the Anti-Drug...
> So, let's see - Nancy Reagan's "just say no" didn't work and then
> everybody's darling DARE didn't work - "scientifically proven to provide
> information about future drug use among kids who had DARE" - and even the
> DARE people have owned up that the 1/2 billion or so spent every year on
> DARE didn't work...so NOW, it's parents who are responsible for keeping
> kids off drugs... However, Margaret can't decide what her kids wear to
> school; I can't see the tests that our kids are given - super secret you
> know; etc. etc.
> What is wrong with this picture????
> Karen
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