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Re: Outlook's poor *prospects*...

I have Outlook 6 on my LAN in my home office, here, Jerry. The
only way I can see what you see is if I stretch the *From* bar
(you can reorder the columns by click-dragging, so your columnar
order may be different). In any case, the next column may have
been accidentally stretched. If this was the case, you will see a
scroll bar at the bottom of your *inbox*. If you move the slider
bar to the right, the other columns should appear. If this is the
case, resize the column by clicking on the rightmost border line
that separates the columns and drag it to the left until it is

Also: in the *View* menu there are settings under Layout. go in
there and click on all the options (don't bother w/*Customizing
the toolbar* option. You might also have resized your windows too
much. You can resize the child windows in Outlook, as well by
click-dragging on the window separators.

This is hopefully your problem. There MAY be another more
sinister, but I doubt I've heard of such a pesky viral
infestation...I don't use Micros**t products because they are the
target of an intense guerilla war from the hacker community and
there stuff is the primary target of most e-mail worms/virus/and
trojan horse assaults. I need it for my clients and I keep the
best anti-viral stuff on my machines, accordingly.

Let me know if it helps, or give me more info on the SNAFU.

I've got to go now and close Outlook--who knows what it's
actually doing behind your backs? only Bill Gates and his
boiZ... ;-} rap.

gerald bracey wrote:

> This is an off-testing request to anyone knowledgeable about
> Outlook Express. The other day, most of the screen disappeared
> from the inbox and deleted items folders. The "sent items"
> appears unaffected. It displays, from left to right, an
> exclamation point, paper clip and then four categories: to,
> subject, sent, account. The inbox and deleted items show only
> the time received. I can move this column around on the
> screen, but the other three columns for from, subject and
> account never appear and sometimes the entire screen is
> blank. Attempts to reach support at microsoft and Dell have
> been futile (well, I opted so far not to pay $30 to Dell, but I
> can get no satisfaction from their on-line support. Anyone got
> any ideas where the missing columns might be?Jerry

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