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Actually, Jerry, the same thing happened to me. You inadvertently clicked
and dragged the fields you want to see out of the way.

Go to "View", then "Current View" then "Customize Current View." Then
click on "Fields" and re-create your inbox as you wish it to appear.

Good luck!

Kathie Humes
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This is an off-testing request to anyone knowledgeable about Outlook

The other day, most of the screen disappeared from the inbox and deleted
items folders. The "sent items" appears unaffected. It displays, from left
to right, an exclamation point, paper clip and then four categories: to,
subject, sent, account.

The inbox and deleted items show only the time received. I can move this
column around on the screen, but the other three columns for from, subject
and account never appear and sometimes the entire screen is blank.

Attempts to reach support at microsoft and Dell have been futile (well, I
opted so far not to pay $30 to Dell, but I can get no satisfaction from
their on-line support.

Anyone got any ideas where the missing columns might be?