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Folks: Though wellintended, the method Humes-Schultz offers for
Outlook Express 6 will not recover the missing columns. It only
selects conditions for viewing/hiding messages displayed in the
In-box. I suggest you investigate the method I offered,
Jerry... ;-} rap.

Humes-Schulz wrote:

> Oops, my instructions were for "Outlook." For Outlook Express
> go to View, Current View, Customize Current View, then to
> "Select the conditions for your view." Sorry. Kathie
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> Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 2:39 AM
> Subject:
> This is an off-testing request to anyone
> knowledgeable about Outlook Express. The other day,
> most of the screen disappeared from the inbox and
> deleted items folders. The "sent items" appears
> unaffected. It displays, from left to right, an
> exclamation point, paper clip and then four
> categories: to, subject, sent, account. The inbox and
> deleted items show only the time received. I can
> move this column around on the screen, but the other
> three columns for from, subject and account never
> appear and sometimes the entire screen is
> blank. Attempts to reach support at microsoft and
> Dell have been futile (well, I opted so far not to
> pay $30 to Dell, but I can get no satisfaction from
> their on-line support. Anyone got any ideas where the
> missing columns might be?Jerry
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