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"sometimes i feel like a prisoner in my own life. now.... i was happy

Damn this ring. I wish it had never come to me. Nobody wants to be
Frodo, the poor little guy and his gorgeous blue eyes go through hell to
get rid of something evil. But some poor loonies have to try to push the
strange new technological police state away. There are more of us than
we know. If I didn't see evidence of this from time to time I couldn't
keep going on with this activist stuff.

Thanks for the eggs, Margaret. I haven't had farm fresh eggs in a very
long time. The difference between these and ones that come from a dairy
refrigerator is incredible. It's amazing what hens in a healthy
environment (as opposed to those horrible factory egg farms) will

It's great to lean on the others in the flock. Beats the hell out of
falling off the perch.

Let chickens be chickens, for pete's sake. It's only sense, and it's
only right.
See you at The Soapbox!

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