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Re: RIP, Daniel Pearl


Speaking of PeaceBuilders, have any of you heard of The Center for
Nonviolent Communication? My daughter's school hosted a workshop put on by
them last year. And, our school was offered a pilot program. Sadly, the
teachers were not willing to take it on. (I know they are already stretched
very thin.)

Here is their website:

If we want to break away from the eye-for-an-eye mentality, I believe we
need to begin with compassionate communication. Just imagine our future if
all our children learned this at an early age!

- Anne

From: Anne Nonniemouse <ShopMathEdu@AOL.COM>
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Subject: Re: RIP, Daniel Pearl
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:11:25 EST

In reflection of Daniel Pearl:

Thank you to George Schmidt and to those that have shared their agony over
this senseless loss.

Jerry Levin was once the manager at Channel 6 News, one of our local
When Dan Rather was promoted within CBS, he took Rather's former position
Then, he moved on to CNN in DC, where he was dispatched as the bureau chief
in Beirut.
He was captured in 1984 and held hostage.
His wife, Sis Levin, worked feverishly, day and night, until nearly one
later, on a strange night when he was allowed to escape.
Since that time, the Levins have returned to Birmingham and dedicated their
lives to world peace, international dialogue, conflict-resolution, and
Sis brought her PeaceBuilders program to the Gate City area, where the
of Opportunity operates, this past summer. She introduced peacebuilding to
the local youth in the Summer Camp across the street from the WOO. The
seemed to gravitate towards the joyous spirit of the program
The Levins are planning to participate in an unusual educational program in
the middle east which operates a school for Israeli, Palestinian, Arabic,
Jewish, Muslim, Christian youth. They will be leaving Birmingham shortly
participate in this unusual journey.

Daniel Pearl's life and legacy is honored best by reaffirming our
to peace and reconciliation.

These are hard and difficult times for the people of the planet, and more
for people outside of the US.

Let us not succumb to an-eye-for-an-eye-and-a-tooth-for-a-tooth mentality
that our leaders engender.

Peacebuilding greetings to one and all,

Steve Orel
Birmingham, Alabama

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