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Re: RIP, Daniel Pearl

so I presume, David, by your baloney below, you don't believe that you
ahve any reacist, or homophobic, or anti-anyone impulses ever as part of
your amkeup. Who are you kidding??

All you do with this kind of attitude is to discredit (at least with
teenagers) anythingelse that might be of value that you might otherwsie
have to offer. Beleive me, kids have the best bullshit and hypicrisy
detectors you could imagine.

You totally miss what Michelle, herself a person of a group often very
marginalized (an obersvant Jewish woman), has to offer kid whose
backgroun might be very different, and that is the human connection.

Feell free to diagree - that is part of dialogue. But when you resort
to terms like "pernicious crap" all you do is deomnstrate hthat you are
only willing to view things through a filter that advances a
predetermined political agenda, whether or not that agenda has any roots
in reality.

It is thngs like that that discredit the left to many in the middle who
are truly seeking alternatives. And it is why people who react like you
did rarely have much influence of any import on matters of importance to
our society.

Ken Bernstein

Dave Stratman wrote:

> In a message dated 2/22/2002 4:13:08 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> margd@FLASH.NET writes:
>> Those of you who read this, who think you have acknowledged hate or
>> that you should just ignore it because it doesn't serve a purpose,
>> are the ones who most need to look at yourself and how hate controls
>> you.
>> It is not easy to do. We are all very ugly inside. Facing that
>> ugliness and hatred in ourselves is the first step.
> Michelle--
> You're promoting the same approach as Facing History and Ourselves,
> taking a social phenomenon like racial hatred, divorcing it from its
> roots and uses in class society, and turning it into a psychological
> problem that is just part of being human and in which we all share
> equally, thus protecting the powerful people who promote and benefit
> from racism. This is pernicious crap.
> Dave Stratman
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