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TIMSS benchmarking

I love you, Wayne. Everytime you respond to anything I write you provide more evidence (as if any were needed) of a constructivist theory of cognition.

There is no "rant" in my query. I am just surprised that students in 7th ranked FITW scored lower on some arithmetic questions than 53rd ranked Chicago. I mean, if the FITW are so good, shouldn't they be good across the board? If "the basics" are essential to further study, shouldn't the FITW kids be better there, too?

Thanks for enlivening my Saturday.

You were never dropped from EDDRA, but I will add you back when I put in the new applications tomorrow. You can find anytthing you missed except recent Kappan research columns which I didn't archive, at www.america-tomorrow.com/bracey/EDDRA.