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Re: piece on Santa Fe ISD

Glad to have shed some light on things....

Karen Canty wrote:
> Ahhhh - now we understant....:)
> Karen
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> What piece on Santa Fe, Texas???
> When I was in high school there (late 70's) an Asian family tried to
> open a convience store. This was during the time that shrimpers up and
> down the Texas coast had some bloody skirmishes at times. After some
> dimwit (I suspect the kkk) shot their gasoline pumps a time or two they
> gave it up. Strange little town. How in the heck did I make it through
> growing up there? No wonder I'm so emotionally disturbed...
> kber wrote:
> >
> > is interesting. In case readers have forgotten, that is the same
> > district that lost a case before the Supreme Court on school prayer,
> > with students leading prayer over loudspeaker at football games - on
> > this one, even Rehnquist voted that the district was violating First
> > Amendment.

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