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Re: math vs. computation (TIMSS)

February 24, 2002

1. Agreed with all. Without the test, we can't discuss much. Unicorn studies,
something we should avoid here.

2. Any test out of Chicago that involves math scores might have to factor in
the immigrant difference. Back before high stakes, when I was teaching at
Amundsen High School (never fewer than 25 languages and 40 nations
represented among our students) I got in the habit of checking the IYBS
"Reading" and "Math" scores. Those scores, in percentile form, used to be
printed beside the kids' names in the attendance book, before Organized
Students of Chicago got the data removed.

Immigrant kids who had math scores that were significantly higher than their
language arts scores were many.

Much of math (when the math test wasn't also a "reading" test) can be done
well by children who don't read (or write or understand) English very well.

Hope this helps.

George Schmidt

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