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Re: New York State Ed Cracks

George tells a fine story:
> 2/25/02
> So balance, ball-ance (pun intended, see below), balance.
> Last year, my sixth (now seventh) grade son Danny took the SAT as part of the
> Gifted Talent Search and scored high enough to get invited to those summer
> programs at Northwestern, Purdue, or Johns Hopkins.
> Danny's mother and I are divorced. I prayed she would agree that he had
> worked hard enough on academics during the school year and was entitled to a
> summer of baseball and similar stuff.
> She agreed that summer was for summer stuff. We happily ignored formal
> schooling for ten weeks

Thank you, George, for these ruminations. Somehow, public schooling has become
the end-all and be-all of every sort of socialization and
*enrichment/remdiation* academic process known to man and woman. I believe that
a public education should not be about channeling every moment of a child's
time into these schools.

A balance should be struck.

IF services need to be or opt to be provided beyond a guarantee of *the basics*
(locally defined and state-wide endorsed), all other services need to be
considered optional. IF families cannot or decide they will not provide
services beyond these basics, then optional supplemental programming ought to
be offered in these schools under the *community schools* rubric.

Though a rabid advocate of the *public schooling misssion*, ss a parent who IS
involved w/their children far and beyond the basics, I resent the call for
*more time* away from my children.

My wife and I have sacrificed in our catreers and our own betterment materially
to ensure the presence of our flesh in their lives. I don't need the extra
help, but want to offer it when it IS needed for children not so well blessed
w/parents such as we... ;-} rap.

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