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The Beauty of I-780

Fellow De-testers,

I took initiative petitions to a distinct facilities meeting last night,
filling almost two-- 10 signatures each. Signers included the distinct
superintendent, one school board member, presidents of the teachers and
classified staff unions, the district construction supervisor and assorted
teachers and parents.

Since the initiative merely requires candidates to take the WASL, rather than
demanding its repeal or any real expenditure of $$$$, people are more than
happy to sign, enjoying the prospect of subjecting our elected
representatives to the same test they subject kids to.

Three cheers for the initiative writers!!!

(Doug, Please pass this on to the other two writers-- I need to add their
emails to my list still. I mailed out a small packet of buttons for your
approval today.)

Any of you in WA who have trouble downloading and piecing the initiative,
I'll be happy to mail you one to fill or make copies and fill more....

Juanita Doyon
Mothers Against WASL
The test stops here!
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of
thinking we were at when we created them."-- Albert Einstein