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Re: Thank you, Ken (for Washington Post, etc)

There are editorial problems, in that it is hard to get the editors to let the
reporters cover things that are not obviously of national import when they are
not in the local area.

That said, in his columns Jay Mathews has a fair amount of flexibility about
what he writes, and has been open to being somewhat of an agent provocateur - he
has covered some education reform issues from various perspectives as a result,
and dialogs with people of various points of view

there are a wide range of articles at different times, but the two articles I
posted from the magazine were a bit atypical, in that they were magazine pieces
of greater depth.

Still, they do cover quite a bit, and given the diversity of views within the
educational community here, and the fact that various national organizations
whose viewpoints disagree are also located here, we at least get to hear
different voices perhaps a bit more than some of you.

Let me make a suggestion. Got to http://www.educationnews.org - you can
sign up for a daily e-mail, or just check there daily news articles to see a
wide arrangement of pieces from across the country. You can scan to see if
there is anything worthwhile. JImmy Kilpatrick puts out a new list every day,
including weekends. For during the week, try
http://www.edweek.org/clips/ this is from Education week if you scroll
down a bit they scan major papers across the country and give a more complete
listing of education articles appearing that day. Unfortunately they do not
provide this service on weekends, although some of weekend pieces occasionally
appear in the MOnday list.

Ken Bernstein

George N. Schmidt wrote:

> In a message dated 2/26/02 5:23:29 AM, kber@EARTHLINK.NET writes:
> << www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A1907-2002Feb25.html >>
> For those of us who can't browse the Washington Post daily, the posting of
> these URLs has been immensely helpful. Is the Post broadening its coverage of
> educatin "reform" and deepending its understanding of the complexities of
> testing, or are these articles typical of stuff I've missed?
> Thank you,
> George Schmidt
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