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Re: Linda Chavez's AFT "labor" roots

One more thought: I do believe that each of us, individually, can make a
huge difference in the lives of our students, and that if we focus on them
and on building relationships with them, "We Shall Overcome."
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Subject: Re: Linda Chavez's AFT "labor" roots

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> << The disinformation specialists
> on both sides of the Iron Curtain (yes, I think it was a very useful
> and I know its origins) had (and have) a lot more in common with one
> than they do with those of us who really want democracy, equity,
> opportunity, and the kinds of justice that underlay the debates here. >>
> Good morning, George and Leo. ARN is always such an education for me that
> am usually busy keeping up with the knowledge base, and have little time
> respond or contribute.
> On this count, however, the "natives"(nativism, and nativity aside) would
> probably bode well to contribute our two cents, since most of the
> disinformation are intended, directed, and disparagingly cast upon our
> The fact of the matter is both sides are right, and both are wrong, and
> sink to the practices they accuse the other side of. My Lai can be easily
> multiplied a thousandfold by Le Duc Tho and Vo Nguyen Giap, but that does
> mean that the Russian, the Chinese, the American, and the French
> can wash the blood of their hands simply by citing their support for
> International in condemnation of the other sides' crimes. The sad part is
> that all war crimes are committed in the name of justice and freedom, and
> people of those countries know little about how their own monies are being
> spent on criminal activities. How else would we explain the Ollie North
> disinformation phenomenon?
> The fact of the matter is that in this past election we have elected the
> worse of two evils, and more than ever, this republic is in danger of
> the most basic freedoms that the framers of the Constitution intended for
> of us. Our Senators and Congressmen from both sides of the aisle, McCain
> included, paid lip service to a campaign finance reform they never
> then and now, to push through, because they are beholden to the pied
> who pay for the tune they dance to.
> The fact of the matter is the same people who paid for the disinformation
> that confounded and perplexed half of the American people to vote for
> candidate Bush, are the exact same people serving right now on advisory
> councils and transition teams leading up to the policies and plans of the
> next four years. It's simply payoff time. And the disinformation program
> has some marvelous criteria: compassionate conservatism, racial
> dimming points of light and all.
> So while we may attack our new Uncle Toms, the Linda Chavezes, the Norman
> Minetas and the Colin Powells and Clarence Thomases, and while we may
> to disagree so we can agree, here's a completely outside the dots thought,
> Leo and George: if the colonized can forgive, shouldn't the colonialists
> forget?
> At some point in time, it is great tragicomedy to watch the Frenchman
> mouthing "Nos ancetres, les Gaulois" to a group of Vietnamese
> After a while, we can see the masters actually believing their own lies,
> that's the most absurd of all absurdities, to actually see the voucher
> supporters and the testocrats actually believing their own promises.
> At what point, I ask all of you, my friends, do we understand Timothy
> McVeigh's request to die: it isn't him that we as a society are killing,
> is a little of each of us that stands by while people like Cheney,
> McNamara and Kissinger, Bennett and Finn are plotting the demise of the
> generation. A generation that we can test and then send to war, a
> generation we can inject with drugs and television rather than reward
> curiosity in knowledge, a generation that simply asks for our respect
> they want to give us that respect.
> So, Leo, forget the AFT. Think of your children and mine. It's their
> to learn and to thrive. Think of teachers like George, Steve and Theresa.
> Waste no more time on the AFT. Looking back will turn you to stone.
> Quan
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