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Re: Linda Chavez's AFT "labor" roots

Well, it is not only the *aiding and abetting* of an *illegal alien*, that
troubles me about these types of situations, Nancy--it's the labor conditions
that are implied in these *compassionate living conditions. Nope! ya don't hafta
quote Marx on this one (unless it's Groucho in *Duck Soup*) to understand the
nuances in the social oder implicit here:

*I gave her a little money...
*I gave her a roof over her head...
*...just to help out, you know, to be compassionate...*

I'm sure Henry Ford thought he was doing his best for the minions of *legal*
workers when they worked and lived his Company Town.

I've known and gotten to live and even love among plenty of *illegal whatevers*,
I've probably been near to being one, myself, at times. But, I'll be damned if
I've ever bargained a *quid pro quo* with any of them on *their terms* wheelin'
& dealin' w/a bit of walking around money, some good intentions, and a whole lot
of my own agenda and various *things needing to be done around the house,
heahr...* in the bargain.

...And I'm not a public figure, either, nor have I ever been one who has *played
the system* to the extent that my own career was ever advanced, thereby.

*She knows the rules*, she's about ready to make a whole lot more of 'em, to
boot, as well--fer the rest of us *plebeian others*! Live by the rules, die by
the rules--that's what I say to compassionate conservatives or any bureaucrat
who's made their living according to rules looking for a pass on an ethics

A nod's as good as a wink only to a blind horse. The rest of us see it for what
it is... ;-} rap.

Nancy Haas wrote:

> Linda will be facing some tough questions. Seems she may have been "aiding
> and abetting" and a person who confessed illegal entry into the country.
> hmmmmm....Seems we've been down this path before. It'll be interesting to
> see how these Senate hearings go.
> nh

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