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Re: Major School Funding Equity Victory in New York State Content

There is another problem with Nevada law. There is no incentive for
schools to seek outside funding sources for special projects. If a
research grant is brought in to improve instructions, the money will be
lost somewhere else--exactly the same thing that is already happening
with the opportunity school. There is no easy way to legislate equity.
Relying on prescriptive laws to do it is one of the worst ways to
address the problem.


Michelle wrote:
> I am quite impressed by Leo's reading of the decision in NY for the
> school funding trial. It has direct effect here in Nevada, as we
> struggle against the problems presented by a test which has no
> relationship to the standards or the graduation requirements of our
> students, but which is used in a high-stakes fashion nonetheless.
> In Nevada, we have a law called the "Nevada Plan," which mandates the
> equal distribution of money to all schools in the state. If one
> school receives more local tax money than another, or receives a grant
> or independent funding of some sort, that extra money is counted
> against the school when they receive state money so that all schools
> have the same per-child spending. There is a difficulty here,
> however. Some high schools, like Carson High School, have an
> "opportunity school" which is technically part of Carson High school,
> but actually exists on a campus 2 miles away from Carson High. Carson
> High School receives equal funding for those "opportunity students"
> --mostly kids of color who have been in trouble or present
> "discipline" problems. However, CHS doesn't spend as much for those
> kids at opportunity school. They have no nurse, no counselor, only
> part-time special ed services, and although almost 50% of those
> children are Spanish Speaking, they have no established ESL program.
> CHS then spends the extra money at CHS--and says they don't want to
> provide better services at the opportunity school because they don't
> want to "reward the behavior" of those "bad" kids by providing them
> programs they so desperately need.
> When NY makes their equity plan, please encourage those state law
> makers to eliminate such a loop-hole in NY, or they will have the
> ghettoization of the most vulnerable students in a "separate but
> equal" situation like ours.

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