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Re: Gender Impact of High-Stakes Tests

In a message dated 1/10/01 8:11:39 PM, kscanty@PACBELL.NET writes:

<< Even though STAR is not "officially" a high stakes test, the API which is

derived solely from STAR is used to determine rewards/punishments for

schools/districts so although it's not high stakes yet for kids, it

certainly is for schools. >>

Thanks for this clarification.

For the past four years, in Chicago the high schools have had high stakes
(based on the TAP) to teachers and principals, but only elementary kids have
suffered the stakes based on the Iowa Test promotion and graduation criteria.

Let's make sure we include both sets of victims when people are being burned
at these stakes. By my count, more than 400 teachers and more than two dozen
principals have had their careers ruined since high stakes came to Chicago's
high schools in the form of the TAP reading tests.

This pales by comparison with the 70,000 kids retained since the ITBS
"standards" went into place.

George Schmidt

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