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Phi Delta Kappan Subscriptions


Subscriptions to the Phi Delta Kappan are available for $44 per year:

Phi Delta Kappan
408 N. Union
P.O. Box 789
Bloomington, IN 47402

In your subscription, you might want to mention your enthusiasm for the
writings of Jerry Bracey, Susan Ohanian, and Alfie Kohn (and Scott Thompson,

Editors really need to hear this stuff, but they also need to be able to cite
circulation gains, especially when going into dangerous (i.e., controversial)

Last week, I was reminded of the need to sell newspapers and subscriptions.

Our printer, a very nice outfit, requires that we pay the printing bill
before we pick up the papers on the loading dock. The U.S. Postal Service
won't mail Substance until we have enough money in our postal account.

It takes paid subscriptions to publish important information.

George Schmidt
Editor, Substance
5132 W. Berteau
Chicago, IL 60641

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