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Re: California high school exit exam

Victor Steinbok wrote:
> What's curious is that the "professional graders" are really the
> "unprofessional graders"--usually ad-hoc hires, usually out of state,
> who are trained cattle-style, and work under similar conditions. How any
> testing company can call this "professional" is puzzling.

This part of the equation is something we don't "mention" in WA State
because of the comeback that usually accompanies it. If one of our
arguments is that our WASL high stakes test is scored by $10 an hour
moonlighters, the response is "Well that can be countered with teachers
not being paid very well either and does that make them any less smart
or qualified?"

So we argue with more compelling facts to make our case.

Jean Ward
Bonney Lake, WA

Boycotting the 7th grade WASL this year
Boycotting the 4th grade WASL next year

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