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Re: California high school exit exam


The California standards can be found, I believe, at the CDE web site. I don't have a more complete URL. Maybe Erwin Morton can help you out there.

George K. Cunningham
University of Louisville

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> << "...the standards are also
> politically referenced to those in power...? I see nothing
> political about
> the standards. >>
> Do we have an e-mailable copy of California's standards? It would be
> interesting to see just how similar the standards are state by
> state, when it
> is claimed that they are so state specific and developed by OUR state
> teachers, parents and community members-- HAH! If only we could
> actually see
> the tests that are standard based, we could compare them too!
> I'm trying to
> come up with a simple 3 word phrase that tells parents to take
> the tests.
> "Parents, take the test!" sounds cumbersome. "Test Parents!" would be
> political suicide. Any ideas?
> Juanita
> PS Here are Washington's standards-- short form. Like I said
> earlier, God
> in the form of man might not meet them all-- especially by age 16.
> “Read with comprehension, write with skill, and communicate
> effectively and
> responsibly in a variety of ways and settings; Know and apply
> core concepts
> and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life
> sciences; civics
> and history; geography; arts; and health and fitness; Think analytically,
> logically, and creatively, and to integrate experience and
> knowledge to form
> reasoned judgments and solve problems; and Understand the
> importance of work
> and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future
> career and
> educational opportunity.”
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