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Re: California high school exit exam


Thanks! I've heard some of that about
reading, but not been a witness to it;
it's before I became aware of the
state processes.

But "research"--carefully selected--has
certainly been used as a weapon both
in reading and in math. It's a long and
sordid tale, thoroughly and interestingly
documented by Bill Jacob of the UC
Santa Barbara Math Department.

A good starting point, re math,
would be this article in the
March 2000 Phi Delta Kappan:

"The Politics of California School Mathematics:
The Anti-Reform of 1997-99"
By Jerry P. Becker and Bill Jacob
available online at

and the article referenced in its footnote #29.
Here is Footnote 29 in its entirety:

29. For details on how a poor research base was
authenticated for use in developing the math
framework, see Bill Jacob and Joan Akers,
" 'Research Based' Mathematics Education Policy:
The Case of California 1995-1998," preprint,
available by request from jacob@math.ucsb.edu,
University of California, Santa Barbara, 1999.

As I testified to the State Board about 2 years ago,
if you can select the people and select the research,
you can achieve any result you like. (I think I wasn't
supposed to say that out loud, but I did.)

And it's all so esoteric, so arcane, that few will
ever know the difference.


George Sheridan wrote:

> Susan is right: by the time the Standards Commission was formed, the State
> Board had already promulgated its official religion with respect to
> learning to read, which is pretty nearly the only part of language arts the
> Board seems to care much about. Jerry Treadway, who served on the Standards
> Commission and previously on the Curriculum Commission, played a lead role
> in that earlier campaign. People with the wrong view of reading became
> nonpersons. All this was done under the slogan of "research-based
> instruction," but the Board showed no interest in any research except that
> which supported their preconceived opinions.
> At 10:47 PM 1/16/2001 -0800, Susan Harman wrote:
> > > No
> > > such public relations effort--it's almost a
> > > disinformation campaign, really--existed for
> > > Language Arts, because there was no need.
> >Erwin, thats because Marion Joseph long since drove out anybody who
> >knows anything real about language arts.

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