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Re: "I do, George, I do."

And you have a point. The problems with testing are well-defined and
persuasive on this board. I read a chapter identifying some alternatives to
standardized testing in Alfie Kohn's latest book, but would certainly like
more ideas for alternative assessments to take to the TEA/SBOE meeting in
Austin. As a veteran teacher I see firsthand the harmful effects of testing,
and know it will only worsen if nothing is done.
Which proposals for assessments are likely to be taken seriously?
I've been following messages here for awhile now,enjoying and learning from
them but could use some more specific ideas at this time.

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On 1/16/01, b. wrote:
Do you care that your school is being turned into a test-
prep center for political purposes? And your right to be an
authentic, professional educator is seriously undermined by
our standardized testing mania? etc.


I certainly agree that TAAS-mania is a menace to a sound
education. But what I do NOT see on these boards, on this
subject, is a precise plan to replace TAAS with something
that will satisfy the need to measure the progress of
students. Whoever goes to Austin to protest had better have a
sound alternative plan. We may have the right to say
something is radically wrong, but, if we expect to be heard,
we had better have something better to suggest as a solution
to the problem the first something was designed to address.
Righteous indignation, alone, will not serve.

In all this, I am reminded of the anti-abortionists,
that group that is - rightly, I believe - so determined to
save the unborn child, but, in most cases, abandons the
mother at the birth thereof, leaving mother and child to fend
for themselves. (Either this is true, or the PR for the anti-
abortionists is seriously deficient.)

L. Swilley

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