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Re: education as a religious struggle

In a message dated 1/19/01 7:11:38 AM Pacific Standard Time,
mkluznik@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

<< I think the current education debate is better thought of in terms of a
religious struggle. >>

How'd you know I was just thinking about a post entitled "Education as God"?
There's an older couple who I communicate with (he wants the separation of
education and state, she wants parents to write their own religious contracts
with the schools). Mostly she talks on a higher level than I think, but I do
get the gist of what she's saying most of the time. She has points she
pounds about "In God we Trust" being on our money and sends articles that
remind me of the papers in my grandfathers belongings, stored in my parent's
shed when I was little. Long underlined passages in articles on Masonic
architecture in WA DC. But a lot of it makes sense, once my brain strain
goes away. Our society is in the middle of a religious void! Are we filling
it with the lone surviving "moral" entity? Education as God! And will the
rebellious among us win the separation of education and state? Or will
education become the religion of state? Now there's an Orwellian thought!
Religion and God have become dirty words in our humanistic, anything is
acceptable society, so we fill the subconscious gap with education and a
moral level of knowledge. The "sinners" work at McDonald's instead of
studying AP calculus at age 16. But maybe the last shall be first and
blessed are those who make minimum wage?

Heavy stuff to think about!

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