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Re: the Underground of "Professional" writing assessment graders

In a message dated 1/19/01 5:51:13 AM Pacific Standard Time,
kscanty@PACBELL.NET writes:

<< You mean you've missed kiwi, the fruit? >>

No, I meant I never tried GROWING Kiwi's. They serve kiwi's on the
elementary lunch trays here, so they must be a fruit of educational choice.
They're a very nice addition to fruit trays at wedding receptions too, but I
don't do the catering thing anymore (only did 2 weddings anyway). Sometimes
they're a dime a piece, at the grocery store with the cheap produce.

There's the second paragraph for my Kiwi WASL question. Do I pass?-- I doubt
it-- not enough description of the juice and seeds.


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