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> It is as although you have your own secret language but your message might be
> more effective if the folks you are targeting the message to would understand
> its meaning.
> Deanna
> ===================================================

My Spanish isn't great or even mediocre, but it's hardly a secret
language. The new immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatamela, etc.
who haven't been in Texas very long (Tejas=Friends) don't mind too much
when one attempts to speak their native language. Really. They don't get
offended at all. How about that?

"No" in Spanish means "No" in English.
"Mas" in Spanish means "More" in English.
"TAAS" means "destroy our schools" in either language.
"Mirage" means, well, I'm sure you have a dictionary. If not, you might
try your local library. Those are pretty easy to find, even in Texas.

By the way, I was only kidding when I said "TAAS" means "destroy our
schools." It's an acronym (speaking of secret languages). It's not even
a word!


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