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In a message dated 1/21/01 10:43:22 PM, Ddeliberto@AOL.COM writes:

<< It is as although you have your own secret language but your message might
more effective if the folks you are targeting the message to would understand
its meaning. >>

If I remember correctly, when some of us talk forthrightly others here
threaten to call the TEST SECURITY POLICE and the GRADE GESTAPO and get us
sued for $1 million. Better to talk in cryptospeak (or Navajo for the
islands?) than let some self important anal sphincter call the test cops and
send the Georgia police all the way to Vermont on an expensive corporate
testocratic intimidation trip.

Or am I missing some of the recent history here, Deanna?

George Schmidt

By the way, our messages are getting out just fine to millions of parents,
students, and teachers. It's just we're not helping people who want to
increase policing and bubble sheets at the expense of classrooms, books, and

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