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Re: Ideology distorts reality, and absolutist ideology distorts reality absolutely.

Hello George,

I've been reading your posts for a few weeks now, and I'd love to subscribe
to Substance.

When you get a minute sent me the subscription info.


LLon King
Technology Coordinator
Los Angeles Senior High School

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Hello All,

The logic of Leo's recent diatribe against my posting on Chicago (and
me, which doesn't surprise me, but seems irrelevant since I don't believe
I've posted anything personal about Leo here) seems to be that if I point
that Bush's education plan is basically the Chicago plan (and most of the
plan), I'm also supporting the termination of abortion rights for the Third
World and the other recent Bush atrocities.

No doubt the Bush administration will provide much grist for many mills.

My points about the Chicago Plan and its national scope (which is being
touted here locally, both at the press briefing Tuesday and at Wednesday's
school board meeting) remains.

My questions regarding the virtues of small schools for large wealthy

My questions about the racial demographics of the New York City teaching
force -- and the place "standards and accountability" played in that sordid
history -- remain.

But let's talk about the Bush presidency and its relationship to education.
There will be time for all these other things, and Leo Casey has a lot more
research muscle at his disposal than I have, just as those who sued me for
$1.3 million and fired me from my job have a lot more lawyers to deploy.

As of today, education is on the top of the White House agenda.

Anyone who wishes to take the time can download "No Child Left Behind" (www.
whitehouse. gov) and compare it with the positions of the American
of Teachers on "standards and accountability".

Anyone who wants to know how debate is conducted in some of the locals of
American Federation of Teachers can reread Leo's recent tirades. As I
out earlier in these threads, this stuff (right down to the surfacely clever
invectives, the personal attacks, and the bizarre arguments -- e.g.,
rights in Africa versus education reforms in the USA) is rehearsed daily in
some quarters, but it has rarely served the members of the teachers' unions

Chicago has already weighed in praising itself for being in the forefront of
the "reforms" that George W. Bush now proposes in "No Child Left Behind."
Shouldn't the American Federation of Teachers take credit as well, since
those ideas (and even some of the catch phrases) did not conjure out of the
President's eloquence?

As of this moment, there are only two documents available at www.
gov. The first is the Inaugural Address. The other is "No Child Left

Let's look forward to hearing what distinctions there are to be made between
the Bush positions in "No Child..." and the positions of Leo's employers.
Let's leave the irrelevancies about planned parenthood and drug prices to
others to debate. One of the reasons why the Testocracy has gotten this far
is that the leaders of the teachers' unions have betrayed the intellectual
freedom of their members in the interest of a political deal.

Chicago was just the most dramatic example available. Thanks in part to our
work here (and the work of the parent and student organizers who challenged
our local Testocracy), Chicago is also the one where the most specific
examples of the vicious failures of these programs could be brought to

Despite Leo's invective, those facts still stand on the record. Similar
need be deployed regarding the other questions he raises pertaining to
education, but I'm left with nothing but a diatribe that somehow links birth
control policy to high stakes "accountability" plans.

There is one other thing worth noting about this type of discourse -- it's
incredible self-righteousness. It had a familiar ring.

When the Chicago Board of Education sued me and Substance for $1.3 million
two years ago (January 1999), the leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union
gleefully in support of Paul Vallas on the subject. They talked as if our
criticisms in Substance were far worse than the destruction of the lives of
working people (through privatization), teachers (through school
reconstitution), and children (through "ending social promotion) that we

When the Chicago Board of Education voted to fire me in August 2000, Paul
Vallas spoke for five minutes before the vote about the need to "stand up to
pressure" and to "show courage." You'd think he was the one being fired,
for a million dollars, and slandered in newspapers with local circulations
a half million or weeklies with national circulations in the hundred

You'd think that Chicago Teachers Union President Tom Reece was the one
assaulted by the government and fired from his job. You'd think that Paul
Vallas was the one against whom the slime squad had leaked every nasty rumor
and libel available. You'd think Substance (a newspaper that barely pays its
bills each month) had the resources of the government of America's third
largest city to deploy against Vallas and Reece.

This is typical of the logic those in power have been using. Only Alice in
Wonderland can equal it.

Now Leo's pleading on behalf of his employers rank in the same place on my
own irrational hypocrisy scale.

Why do a few simple questions and some uncontested factual observations
such chagrin and produce such creative attack metaphors?

The truth hurts.

Anyone who wants to can deconstruct "No Child Left Behind" alongside the
five years of American Federation of Teachers "Standards and Accountability"
stuff. Aside from vouchers, I'm not sure what's the difference between the
Bush push and the AFT's stuff, but it will be fun to hear.

As to Chicago, that record is already in.

Paul Vallas and Gery Chico have already told the press and public that they
are proud that Chicago's already doing the things President Bush suggests.
Paul Vallas and Gery Chico could not be doing those things without the
support of the 34,000-member Chicago Teachers Union. President Bush now
for a bipartisan commitment to his education plan. Will the 1,000,000-member
American Federation of Teachers join his national activities just as its
Chicago local has joined in their Chicago version?

The details we'll be publishing in Substance (circulation a few thousand).

I'm sure that Leo and his colleagues will be publishing their versions of
reality in magazines (American Educator) and newspapers of much larger

Why are some people afraid of these debates? Is control that important?

George Schmidt
Editor, Substance
5132 W. Berteau
Chicago, IL 60641

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