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Re: Why no wasabe for lunch?

In a message dated 1/26/01 1:18:20 AM Eastern Standard Time,
susanharman@IGC.ORG writes:

<< Silly boys; Chicagos too far from the ocean. >>

Ah, but Susan, when Chicago no come to ocean, ocean come to Chicago!!! And
you're so right, we silly boys have a communication style so much less
demure, so much less grace-filled and so far more confrontational.

President Clinton, anyone, Hilary, that is? I have heard she's a pretty good
fund-raiser; we're planning to convert her ourselves here at our humble Miami
abode, now that Governor Bush, of Florida, that is, is doing La Vida Loca
24-7. It's a crazy world, diversely Babelic, what with the village idiot
watching over the red phone in the West Wing!!! I think there's a children's
story somewhere here!


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