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Re: Teacher won't administer CSAP tests

> As I see it simply not administering a test does not eliminate tests nor
> it educate folks on test misuse.
> Seems to me that simply not administering tests does not really get to the
> root of the problem. In fact not administering tests will not make them
> disappear.

Give the man a break! He's risking his career, his livelihood, his
stability, his sanity to do something that not only draws attention to the
problem-- he's drawing it in a BIG way. It's all fine and good for folks to
"sit" on this email list and pontificate about educational theory (which
generally sounds more like eduspeak than the test proponents themselves and
is no better at explaining why tests are BAD than the test-advocates
blahbidiblah is at explaining why testing is GOOD)-- but this man, and
others like him, have actually DONE something other than talk. So he's not
setting up a both at the local fair-- hell, he's taking a personal stand
with personal costs and that's a helluvalot more moving than a pamphlet.

If it sounds like I am pissed off by this response, it's because I am. I
admire the folks on this list who have actually done something other than
talk, talk, talk about testing-- who've put themselves out there, who've
risked something other than a few lousy sentences to try to change the
testing mania. George and his courageous stance against the Chicago
edutrolls (sorry, George, that's what runs through my mind every time I read
substance)... our Alabama teacher who went public to expose the unfairness
of his district's closing of an adult ed center... those writing and
speaking and putting themselves on the line every day, at the expense of
their careers and their personal lives.

No, this teacher may not win the research prize of the year at his local
university-- but his public, unapologetic stance does far more, I believe,
to draw attention to the problem and make it *real* than all the scholarly
articles and test analyzing any of us might attempt.

I don't think that the ivory tower, I'm not really risking anything folks
can fully understand what it means for a teacher to stand up against an
entire state board and say, "No. It stops with me." This teacher is 58...
he probably has, what? 30 years of teaching under his belt, or damn near
close to it. Nobody tolerates the petty politics, the constant belittling,
the headaches and the tribulations of teaching for that long unless they
LOVE it... so here's a dedicated teacher who puts his students first and all
you can say is, "Well, I wish he were out there educating people." What IS
his action, then, if it's not educating his students, his colleagues, his
community, the education community in his state by his example and through
his courage... again, I find that more effective and more meaningful than a
billion emails or articles that the general public will never see.

Teresa Glenn

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