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schnitzel schmitzel

In a message dated 1/29/01 8:23:45 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Ekbsiegel@AOL.COM writes:

> It may have been intended in fun, but I find this remark offensive. Let us
> please skip the "yellow peril" humor.

I guess you'll have to explain this one. I'm not politically correct enough
to know what you mean.

Is it just me or is everybody just a little too "touchy" at the moment?
Guess nobody better sing "The Name Game" today either. You know-- Art bart
bo bart, banana banna bo bart, fe, fi, fo...... oh, my sensibilities!....

Levity, people, levity! There's only a very thin line between activism and
insanity, don't you know? And I think it's called "humor."