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Re: Why no sushi for lunch?

In a message dated 1/30/01 9:02:26 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Csubstance@AOL.COM writes:

<< Not to politically bait people... >>

Not to mention Linda Chavez , used to bait "Hispanics", and Ashcroft, used
to bait "liberals". From where I sit, stand, and recline, one woman's bait
is another woman's sushi. One man's heterogeneity is another man's purity.
Unless the world has gotten flat, true North sometimes curves due West.
Otherwise, why would Leo take your bait, George?

Keep smiling, George, and send in your contributions to the ex-president's
Manhattan office. I'd choose his brand of evil over "Big Time" any day.
There's a God, and the "big one" is close at hand. (S)he always has the
last snicker.


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