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Re: Placement test/re-test issues

The only way to really assess what a student knows and can do is to use
Dynamic Assessment--rather than static. It takes more time but it is
so-o-o-o much more accurate! Let me know if you'd like to read about it--I
just wrote a short paper and a long chapter.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 11:27 AM
Subject: Placement test/re-test issues

> Hello All - As a new subscriber to the ARN listserv, I'd like to pose a
> question. I work in a Community College in Washington State where we use
> adaptive computerized instrument for initial placement into reading,
> and Math courses (mandatory placement). As there has always been
> considerable "discussion" among the faculty regarding the accuracy or
> reliability of our placement test (no matter which one we have used - from
> the two major vendors of ATB approved placement tests), what I have found
> that students are being tested by their instructors (primarily at the
> developmental levels) again, and sometimes again before being placed into
> class they feel is appropriate, using a variety of assessments (TABE,
> RFU,DRP). Since one of the goals of our assessment program is to limit
> overtesting or unecessary testing, my question is this:
> For those of you in centralized testing centers - Do you feel it is
> appropriate for instructors to utilize any number of other test batteries
> "check" the validity of placement for their students, sometimes numerous
> times using more than one instrument? Who should decide which instruments
> are used and how would that be accomplished?
> As I just read the "Test Taker's Bill of Rights" resolution on the NCTE
> website, I have numerous concerns for the students who must oftentimes
> submit to this extended testing regimen. I look forward to "listening in"
> on the discussion in this forum.
> Mark Kenney
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