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new ARN-L host and address

The ARN-L list (and its Archives) is moving to a new host...Interversity.org. Things will be very similar once there but below is a list of information about the list and archives for anyone with questions. Eric Crump will be our majordomo/host, and he sent (after discussion with David and Monty at FairTest) the following:


Most folks will notice little difference after the move to ARN-L's new
home. Everyone has already been subscribed to the new list. I made an
effort to retain any mail settings (like 'nomail' or 'digest') that
folks had on the current list (but let me know if something got messed

Here are some of the main differences:

* Address

Post messages to arn-l@interversity.org [Reply will do it when warranted, but once you see an interversity post, change the address in your address book]

* Archives


(The archive search feature still needs a little tweaking
but should be functional in a day or so.)

* Subscribing and Unsubscribing

The easiest way is probably by going to


But for folks who are used to using email to interact with discussion
list software, commands should be sent to


To subscribe, send a message to that address and in the message body

subscribe arn-l

To unsubscribe, send a message to that address and in the message body

unsubscribe arn-l

* Getting help

If you want to talk to a person, write to




Please write sooner rather than later if you're having trouble.
Most problems are fairly easy to solve. I've got more than a
decade's worth of experience managing discussion lists, so
there's no point letting a problem frustrate you when it's
likely I can help you solve it quickly.

When possible, please send along copies of any error message
you've gotten. Thanks!

If you just want to get a list of available commands, send email to
majordomo and in the message body put:


* Policies

This list is sponsored by FairTest. Any questions about the
list's policies should go to fairtest@fairtest.org

Monty Neill, Ed.D.
Executive Director
342 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-864-4810; fax 617-497-2224
email monty@fairtest.org
web: http://www.fairtest.org

To unsubscribe from the ARN-L list, send command SIGNOFF ARN-L