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Help with course

I am teaching a university course on reading assessment. We are using
the Rhodes and Shanklin text, Windows to Literacy and are on the chapter
called "Understanding and Challenging Traditional Forms of Evaluation." It is
a pretty good, citing some 1991 articles by Bracey, discussing the flaws in
norm referenced tests, a chart from The Reading Report Card by Mullis and
Jenkins, showing how report card grades in reading do little to help parents,
What I'm hoping someone here can help me out with, is a good current
online article we can use as a point of discussion,which would help these
teachers become more informed about the uses of the tests nationally. I mean
they all moan and groan about them, but I want to put a little fire in their
bellies and hopefully get them thinking about becoming more active in the
fight against them. Can anyone suggest something?

Nancy Creech