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Re: Fw: Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund gets $ from Gates

In a message dated 1/11/2003 9:11:23 AM Pacific Standard Time,
kvscanty@pacbell.net writes:

> the high schools that receive
> the most applications are the largest -

This is a cause/effect study. We have 2 high schools in our district. For
years, the second high school thought of itself as the stepchild. This
phenomenon stemmed not only from the fact that it was the 2nd, and the first
had history in the district, but also because it was built in the lower
income/higher turnover end of the district. I also think the layout and
outside appearance of the building-- built in the no window era-- had a great
deal to do with it. The first high school has the district sport stadium
(such that it is) right next to it, which also doesn't help. Both high
schools are comprehensive, but woe be to a high school that is below capacity
when there are plenty of kids to be had in its boundary. The district has
worked pretty hard to even things out, and some of all of the above has been
overcome. But I think large schools are often large because of their
reputation. And there is money in bringing in kids, if you have the space--
and sometimes even if you don't. Now, both schools, which were built for
1,200 each, serve around 1,600. So, no worries about 4A sports rating. It
will be interesting to watch community attitudes when the third HS opens in