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Re: Call for Michael Moore's help

Somehow I don't think a story line about teens thinking they had failed
a test and then finding out they passed because of a scoring error does
will not bring viewership of soap operas to new heights. (Or maybe I am
just misreading the thirst of the American public for stories about
educational testing.)


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> very afternoon-- well a lot of them go home and do that
> anyway. Ick!

It would be great if the soap writers could include some of the test
atrocities in their story lines. Most of the soaps include teen
that is why the kids like them so much. If the story was told of the
of say the teens in Minnesota over thinking they had failed and the
of that on their families, later to find out they hadn't, I think that
bring a lot of attention. Does anyone know any soap writers?

Nancy Creech
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