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Re: High standards - no?!

Look at the following paragraph previously included. These are some generic,
yet lofty expectation that most will agree on but can be locally decided on
and filled with real-world ways to demonstrate real growth in each child on
their journey through school. They don't constrain but empower. It is only
our meritocratic, not democratic, impulses that push us to compare in such
reductionistic, distortive, dehumanizing fashion, coupled with a lowly
estimation of human worth and capability AND our wrongheaded, overly
simplistic understanding of motivation which revolves around primarily
outdated behavioristic punishment/reward approaches to try to assure
compliance. They train dogs don't they. Well we're not dogs.

What's wrong with striving

> to help children (and ourselves) to

act wisely, care deeply, think clearly, critically, and creatively,
communicate effectively, choose responsibly, relate respectfully,
change purposefully, share openly, interact constructively, and live

Those are some meaningful challenging standards which
can be demonstrated but need not always be reduced to measurement,
comparison, or stratification. There would be so many ways we could
show growth in these areas. How enriched would our curricula be with these
as our goals. These can help our children learn and grow holistically.
Yet one can still demonstrate authentically one's growth in such areas.
Meaningful, engaging, empowering standards yes.

It is the parents and the children who are the judges of what we are
offering children. They have not been en masse complaining. They have been
pumped, primed, pushed, used by the politicians for their gain. It is not
the media or the politicians who have the children's best interest at
heart - at least not moreso than the parents, teachers, or children
themselves. How ARROGANT for the media and politicians to think otherwise.
how greedy of the testmakers and publishers to create a situation to
advantage themselves at the expense of innocent, defenseless children. The
media and politicians are more interested in HEAT than LIGHT.

Alan Young