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Re: CA - Marion Joseph leaves board


I don't know of Marion Joseph.
I don't know of California's education.

I DO KNOW that phonics is not all bad. It is seldom this or that. It is
often this AND that. Some of everything to reach as many as possible with
as many skills as possible. I, and many others in the 30s and 40s learned
to read with phonics, which I offer as proof that it could work. We were
also taught to read by reading stories of the American heroes (early
founding fathers who are not considered heroes today).

I DO KNOW that math rules are not all bad. Need the basics first, my
friend. Then one thinks with something to think about, instead of thinking
as a dreamer without reality. Math is too concrete a science not to first
know the basics. 2+2=4 and all the rules of addition are rock solid.

"Its all good", as the saying goes.

Testing is good also. I had some done this week at two doctors. If the
test is used for what it is intended and for which it has a laudable
purpose, it is not all bad. Tests can be diagnostic or used for a measure
of understanding as to what is held (skills&data) and what needs to be
worked on. What is BAD is the cookie cutter "one size fits all" demands of
#2 pencil tests as gospel information on a student's or school's success or

The NCLB Act's theory is good, in part. It is only flawed because
President Bush and Co. began with a flawed premise. Yeah, all kids can
learn. But all kids do not learn at the same speed or to the same degree or
in the same way, nor can each student demonstrate his/her proficiency in the
same manner.

What is bad is narrow minded educators who have the zeal for one method to
the degree that some Baptists believe all this or that is doctrinal, even
when it is obviously preferential. (I am a Baptist so I know of which I

So, lighten up and look for the benefit of an eclectic education.
Joe Bo