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Re: Reply to Carol Holst's B'day Greetings...

Joe: I have been harried by scheduling details and minutia, but I had planned on getting back to
you. I DO intend to go & your generous offer of help w/the transportation is a gift!

I'll get back to you, I am in Providence this weekend for a conference... ;-} rap.

JP Bottini wrote:
> Rick
> Happy Birthday, belated.
> Do you want to go to a meeting of anti-HSTers in Plattsburg the 6th &7th of
> February.
> I drive. You pay no gas or tolls. We would have to stay overnight I think.
> Peggy may be willing to put you up, as I will motel it. I need my space.
> If we can find a cheap $30.00 dig I would get each of us a room.
> The cost is well offset by having your company and expertise along. Senator
> Someone is scheduled to be there.The meeting is 6:30 pm on Thursday the 6th.
> I need a fast answer in order to make plans.
> PLEASE respond quickly.
> Any other anti-HSTers this list are welcome to tag along. We need you.
> Joe Bo

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