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Re: Ravitch

I am confused. From what I read on this list, the purpose of NCLB is to
wreck the schools so education can be turned over to private companies.
When Ravitch says that NCLB is working, i.e. schools are improving as a
result of it, isn't she undermining the overall purpose of NCLB.

The best strategy for those of you who do not want public schools to be
replaced by private companies should be promoting the success of NCLB in
raising scores. That would mean there would be no reason to eliminate
public schools because they are working.

George K. Cunningham
Professor, Ret.

>>> gbracey@starpower.net 01/18/06 3:44 PM >>>
Jim, there are two sets of NAEP data here. Diane is referring
to the trend analyses which the Bushies did, in fact, try to
use as evidence that NCLB was working. Of course, since the
last time the trend data was collected was in 1999, it's a
little hard to specify when growth occurred.

The later data which you have the Post quoting is the regular
NAEP assessment which results in those "Report Card" results.