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On Jan 19, 2006, at 11:37 AM, anneshainahallie@mindspring.com wrote:

Op/Ed's and letters, only marginally published are a finger in the
dyke...If you are a published author of books or papers, ask your publisher
to help you promote your work. Your fine
words are rarely seen by the mainstream public, the parents, the
teachers, the legislators or others who might be moved to activism if they
knew what to fight for...

Annie - all good points. Mainstream media channels are very limited, but they have to be used. Here's a list of some of the things I do in addition to using the media:

1) meet with instructors in colleges of education in the area and talk about NCLB
2) arrange to appear as a guest speaker in the classes of these instructors
3) contact area civic, religious, social, and political organizations and ask to be a guest speaker
4) meet with local and state political leaders and discuss NCLB; ask them to take public positions on education reform
5) meet with local school board members and discuss NCLB; ask them to take public positions on education reform
6) ask any of the above people if they would sponsor a house party on NCLB where they invite friends, neighbors, etc., to come over and discuss education reform
7) try to have one forum/event/meeting per month
8) keep an e-mail contact list and ask people to sign up for it at every event (I have 120 people on mine); send out relevant updates every 2 weeks or so
9) agitate
10) educate
11) be relentless

Peter Campbell