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Re: Houston Ties Teachers' Pay to Test Scores

*Not to be cynical, but from what we are seeing colleges spewing out these
days, most should have picked another field to begin with!*

On 1/19/06, Lynn Pugliese <lpugli7107@yahoo.com> wrote:
> What does this mean for the up and coming new teachers graduating from
> college?.Should they pick another field to be in?
> lp
> *Kelley <dancinglight@bendbroadband.com>* wrote:
> It occurs to me that this could accelerate teacher "flight" from some
> districts/states. I've already seen it at work in my previous district.
> Indeed, I'm one of many there who who "flew," not from merit pay but
> from top-down authoritarian standardization of everything a teacher says
> or does. Given a choice between a district or state that treats
> teachers like professionals and one that does not, many will "fly,"
> regardless of financial bribe or threat. I would expect to see many of
> the "best" in that number.
> Kelley
> SheilaARS@aol.com wrote:
> > Well, we can guess what will happen. There are many dedicated,
> > excellent teachers who would never get the merit pay! Why? Because
> > we choose to teach the kids who most need us: under-performing or
> > unmotivated students in areas of high poverty, gang involvement,
> > etc. Give me a break. The decisions being made make NO sense
> > whatsoever. The odd part is that I would stick with my students and
> > forgo the damn "merit" raise. I guess I wouldn't "merit" anything.
> >
> > sheila stark
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