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These legislators are clearly the mindless puppets of (you pick): (a) the Business Rountable; (b) the Fordham Foundation; (c) the Bush administration; (d) test publishers, (e) all of the above plus lots of other people in on the conspiracy. Can't they see that NCLB is causing genocide in the public schools right before their eyes?


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Let's see how fast this story hits the press, bigtime.

To: National Desk

Contact: Joe Rinzel of the American Legislative Exchange Council,

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The National Board of the American
Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today approved a Resolution Supporting
the Principles of No Child Left Behind, following a unanimous vote of its
Education Task Force at the recent States and Nation Policy Summit.

"Our nation's future economic strength and security depend on raising
education standards and achievement, and we cannot turn our backs on
children in struggling schools who need enhanced educational opportunities
immediately," said Missouri Rep. Jane Cunningham, ALEC's Education Task
Force chairwoman and National Board member. "The Administration and
Congress deserve our appreciation for enacting No Child Left Behind and
setting high standards while giving states the flexibility to determine
proficiency levels."

The resolution embraces the foundational principles of the No Child Left
Behind Act, as it is built upon the premise that each child can learn
regardless of background or upbringing. ALEC's legislative members are
committed to creating a public education system that is fundamentally
focused on a strong system of accountability and transparency and to
equipping parents with information necessary to make effective decisions
regarding the education of their child.

"At its core, No Child Left Behind demands that our public school system
educates each child while enforcing high accountability standards for
students and educators alike," said Colorado Sen. Nancy Spence, ALEC's
Education-Federal Affairs Subcommittee chairwoman. "If states choose to
accept federal education dollars, we should likewise be willing to prove to
taxpayers that the achievement gap is narrowing and that each child is
receiving a solid education."

While ALEC's resolution recognizes that parents are the primary educator of
their children, it acknowledges that states maintain a key responsibility
for public education. The federal government is a partner in ensuring that
each child is given equal opportunity to become a successful, productive
citizen of the United States.


EDITOR'S NOTE: To schedule an interview with Missouri Rep. Jane Cunningham,
ALEC's Education Task Force chairwoman; Colorado State Sen. Nancy Spence,
ALEC's Education-Federal Affairs Subcommittee chairwoman; or ALEC's
Education Task Force Director Lori Drummer, please call Joe Rinzel at
202-466-3800 or Stella Melley at 202-431-6461.


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation's largest
nonpartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators, with
over 2,400 legislator members from all 50 states, and 97 alumni members
serving in the U.S. Congress.



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