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Latest RTTT state developments

FL - most districts have now signed on, but most of their local unions have not

TX - Gov Perry re-iterated TX will not participate, charging RTTT is a DC takeover behind the money and a 'sprint to mediocrity'

TN - union and gov settle on deal that 35% of weight of teacher eval will come from state test for teachers in tested subjects, while 15% will come from some other assessment evidence agreed upon locally.

MA- seems to be on the verge of passing its RTTT legislation, lifting charter caps significantly and allowing superintendents overseeing low scoring schools to remove teachers close to at will, with similar powerful authority over schools (not sure of districts) that score low given to the state Commissioner.

MI - the Grand Rapids paper reported:
"GRAND RAPIDS -- Michigan's Race to the Top likely will find local districts at the finish line spending more than they take in through the federal grant program and giving up chunks of control along way, local educators say.
"But area superintendents say they are unlikely to withdraw their acceptance of the state's plan by today's deadline, saying many of the changes are a part of new state laws and will force changes whether or not they can grab some federal cash."

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