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Re: Race to Nowhere

The stars of this film are parents and kids, including Vicki Abeles' own family. The message isn't just about testing, but about the whole high pressure emphasis on academic achievement, largely defined as test scores. It exposes the same absurdity as Stephen Krashen's essay on prenatal phonemic awareness training. But it has a dark side: the portrait of a beautiful and talented child who was bothered so much she took her own life - a suicide at thirteen.

At 05:17 PM 1/16/2011 -0500, Art Burke wrote:
Undoubtedly some children are stressed out by tests, but national polls show that on the whole testing doesn't bother parents and kids very much at all.

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From: George Sheridan <learn@jps.net>
TSent: Sun, Jan 16, 2011 2:03 pm
Subject: [arn-l] Race to Nowhere

After premiering in New York and Los Angeles, the producers of Race To Nowhere

are now scheduling showings nationwide. Rather than playing theaters, they are

specifically seeking to partner with unions, parent groups, and others who

believe that standardized tests are part of a culture of placing inappropriate

demands and excessive stress on young people, often beginning in the primary

grades. (The subtitle is "The Dark Side of America's Achievement Culture.")

Producer-Director Vicki Abeles presented the film in two showings and a

discussion group at the CTA Joint Issues Conference over the Martin Luther King,

Jr., weekend.

People interested in arranging a showing or being invited to one can register on

the website, www.RaceToNowhere.com

George Sheridan