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Re: TO

So glad to see you address the issue of students' needing to construct understanding of their own volition. Knowing and understanding are not the same thing, and yet virtually every measure of "learning" we currently use in education today focuses on the knowledge level, ignoring whether students actually understand concepts or not.

As an example, I know unequivocally that mc² = e. I even know that m = mass; c² = the speed of light; and e = energy. But I do not even remotely understand the formula and certainly haven't a clue how to apply it or make use of it.

Knowing and understanding are not the same thing...

Thanks for sharing another fine piece of writing!

Priscilla Shannon Gutiérrez

...change is inevitable, growth is optional...
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> This will upset a lot of educators, but in my opinion, it's the surest way
> to move educating beyond the reach of the amateurs now running America's
> education deform show...
> http://www.truth-out.org/education-reform-order-magnitude-improvement/1327433628
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