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Re: FW: Julian Bond on NCLB testing

Mr. Burke, please get your facts straight. The NCLB focus on standardized
testing is a shameful regurgitation of unskillful past practices debunked
decade after decade ad nauseam. Mr. Hu is not "again confusing testing with
teaching" but quite simply repeating the fact that the pressure to teach
differently is one of the sad by-products of the neurotic and sometimes
psychotic narrow minded brain bashing surly immature educational
doublespoken obsession with standardized testing. Those who over-promote
them insult everyone's intelligence, civil rights, and fundamental humanity.
historical roots these tests have in the eugenics movement ought to spell
to us all. I await (a) your limited response, (b) your non-response, (c)
both "a" and "b".
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>So the left think WASL is drill and kill, while the right thinks
>it's fuzzy process only factless instruction
>Again confusing testing with teaching. Art
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