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Re: counting up the test failures here in VA

In a message dated 3/4/02 12:20:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, aburke@VANSD.ORG

> To start sorting out the number of kids and number of tests issue, first
> find out how many kids are taking the courses the tests are given in.

Children enrolled in the course must take the test. Children not enrolled
don't have to. Schools can control who enrolls. We can work the stats by
simply not enrolling the students.

The confusion for me is that it is high school and I don't know whether it is
usual for all, say, sophomores to take, for example, US History or geometry
or Biology. If it is, then the number taking the test should equal the
number of kids in that grade level, right? And therefore, our numbers
suggest that lots of ourkids are not being enrolled in SOL courses (and are
thus off the graduation track). If however, you just take courses and
eventually, schedule them all in, then it is hard to track what is happening.
Loved the SEM as "too close to call"