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Re: Schools Boycott NY State Exam



I suggest, highly, that ARN start giving official rewards for groups and
individuals who resist. We could have a category for Teachers,
Administrators, Students, Parents, Community Groups, Schools, and School

We should give a reward in each category each year. Make a splash, send out
press releases, the whole shebang.

I would give $20 toward purchasing plaques/trophies toward this cause.


Subject: Re: Schools Boycott NY State Exam

"Eighth-graders at two of the city's most respected alternative
schools will boycott the state's English exam today ? defying an
edict from Albany that they had better take the test."


How do we get support to these parents, kids and teachers? How do we get
Scarsdale parents to "just say no" again, despite state pressure? It occurs
to me that Scarsdale 8th graders must not take that test this year!

We need to validate and honor the resistance somehow.